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Posted by: on April 24, 2013
Elise Moore

Elise Moore, CSB

Elise Moore from Nashville, TN presented a lecture in Raleigh on Sunday, April 21st.  The topic was “God is Speaking to You.”   This blog offers you an opportunity to share what you learned and continue the discussion.  Your thoughts?  Click on the green “Comment” link to the bottom right of this post and you can add your own comment.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t show immediately, it will show up within 24 hours.

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  1. Sarah says:

    It was a simple yet powerful lecture that gave a lot of tips on how to prepare, what steps to take and how to know if you’re hearing God’s voice. Very helpful!

  2. Elaine says:

    X came into the Reading Room today, and told me how he has always had a problem with anger; that it “runs in his family.” He wanted a thought that would help him.

    With the lecture fresh in my thought, I told him, “God is speaking to you, and you have the ability to hear what He is telling you above the voice of anger. Knowing that God is always speaking to you and that you can hear Him, enables you to pause when you are tempted to feel angry, and instead listen to the voice of conscience that always calms.”

    I shared an experience of my own, gave him a copy of the citations from the lecture, reiterated that God is ALWAYS speaking to each of us as the voice of good, and, as he was leaving, told him to come back and share his victory next time he is tempted to feel angry, but obeys the voice of God instead. He certainly agreed with this message, and said he would return to tell us what happens.

  3. Leslie says:

    A man named Son from Viet Nam attended the lecture and came to our sales table afterward to purchase a S&H. He and I exchanged testimonies of God’s presence in our lives and His care for us. The message in Elise’s lecture resonated with him, and he asked her to sign his copy of S&H which she lovingly did. He afterward explained to me that he wants to be a missionary in his home country, and it also came out that he is unemployed right now. He expressed great enthusiasm for reading the book and exploring the ideas shared in the lecture further.

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